A secret exchange at the Four-Eyed Gate of Psantes, South of the Hermus river

South of the Hermus River, founded after the First invasion of the Lion-faced people, lies the city of Psantes, the second most important city of the Eastern Amphictyonic League, also called the 'Bravest Lady' or the 'Pearl of the Heart'.
The city is free, like all the other cities of the league, and built on the hard rocks of the  Marbles Valley, right before the everlasting expanses of the Shell-Desert.
Often plagued by harsh wind and by the aggressive nature of the nomadic tribes that dwell in the region, Psantes survives thanks to the wise and ruthless intrigues of the Black Cloak legion, the holy regiment of spies and warriors that nights and days conspires to keep the Warlords of the Shell-Desert divided and suspicious of each other.
The East Gate of Psantes, the Four-Eyed Door, the Door of the Twin Lions, is the first access to enter in the city, and when the wind blows from the Shell-Dunes, it allows the entrance of the rural population to escape from the cruel weather.

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